Wells Fargo Bronze Antique 1 1/2 inch (39mm)

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Serving the banking and investment needs of its customers for more than 150 years, Wells Fargo is an enduring icon of American business and a vital symbol of the promise of the American Dream. 

Capitalizing on the California Gold Rush, Henry Wells and William Fargo founded their legendary company in San Francisco on July 13, 1852, endeavoring to meet the financial needs of those who had come west in the hope of striking it rich overnight. Offering a convenient combination of banking and express delivery services, they quickly won the favor and the business of thousands of gold-hungry miners.

By the turn of the twentieth century, Wells Fargo had become the first nationwide express company, connecting more than 2,500 communities in 25 states located all across the country. Today, Wells Fargo is a multi-billion dollar company that provides diversified financial services, including banking, mortgage lending, and insurance. 

Originally employing stagecoaches to ensure the safe and efficient transport of currency and other valuable items, Wells Fargo has come to be identified with the six-horse Concord Coach that serves as its widely recognized trademark today.

This coin is dedicated to legacy of Wells Fargo, an institution woven into the very fabric of American history. The obverse features a montage symbolizing the company's historic commitment to safely transporting its customers' most valuable assets. The reverse contains a rendering of the now famous Wells Fargo Stagecoach.

Minted in MerlinGold,® a proprietary brass alloy that simulates the look and feel of gold, this coin contains an antique bronze finish. Each coin comes packaged in a colorful folding display card that provides a detailed accounting of the origin and history of this classically American company.