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Vietnam Veteran Challenge Coin

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Battling a shadowy enemy on uncertain terrain, the 2,594,000 soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who served their country during the Vietnam War sacrificed their lives to sustain the hopes of a people striving to cast off the shackles of tyranny.

Throughout the entire course of America's longest war, they refused to surrender a single battle to the enemy, honoring their commitment to shield the citizens of South Vietnam from the brutal aggression of the North Vietnamese communist forces.

Now fully minted in the U.S.A., this coin pays tribute to the courage and dedication of all those who served in Vietnam.

With an antique bronze finish and imbued with durable enamel, the obverse features a map of Vietnam. The reverse has an open area suitable for engraving a name or personal message. Each coin comes packaged with a header card that hails the devotion to duty demonstrated by America's Vietnam veterans.