USS Taylor (FFG-50) Challenge Coin

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After nearly 30 years of patriotic service, this stunning challenge coin carries on the valor and memory of the USS Taylor (FFG-50) and her crew… as they have done for the courageous man for whom the ship is named.

As a WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War vet, Commander Jesse Taylor ended his valiant naval aviator career sacrificing his life to save another. In 1965 he swiftly volunteered outside his call-of-duty to rescue a downed pilot near an enemy-dense Vietnamese port. The selfless act cost him his life.

Since the USS Taylor’s commissioning in 1984, her six extended deployments have taken her around the globe guarding liberty. From the western Atlantic to the Caribbean Sea to the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf, she and the crew flaunted her might to safeguard America, her allies, and the seas on which they travel. Before decommissioning in 2015, the USS Taylor launched her final deployment armed with a Vulcan Phalanx CIWS, four .50-cal machine guns, SM-1MR standard anti-ship/air missiles, an OTO Melara Mk 75 62 caliber naval gun, and two Mk 32 triple-tube  torpedo launchers.

Minted in antique bronze, and highlighted by bold enamel, this challenge coin honors all the crew of the USS Taylor (FFG-50). The obverse features a detailed ¾ profile of the ship, accompanied by the ship’s service dates, and a brilliant red sea lion representing valor at sea. The reverse displays the ship’s seal, including her motto, “PROUD DEFENDER.”