USS Simpson FFG-56 Challenge Coin

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After 30 years of valiant service, the engines of the USS Simpson (FFG-56) are silent, but her resounding memories will ring forever. Keep the vigor and courage of the USS Simpson and its crew alive with this challenge coin.

The guided-missile frigate takes her name from decorated WWII vet, Rear Admiral Rodger Whitten Simpson. During his commands in the war, he put loyalty and fortitude before his own wellbeing, earning him awards including the Navy Cross, the Gold Star, and the Legion of Merit.

No greater example exists of the FFG-56’s crew carrying on Admiral Simpson’s fortitude than their fierce attack against an Iranian intel facility posing as an oil rig and the complete devastation of the enemy’s ship, the Joshan. During the Iran-Iraq War the USS Simpson was one of three ships engaging in that victorious mission. But it was the USS Simpson that entered naval history during this battle by becoming the first Navy warship to destroy and sink an enemy’s vessel during a surface battle since the USS Constitution took down British ships in 1812. The fray was also the first Navy surface battle since World War II.

As the last Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate, the USS Simpson launched her final deployment armed with a Block 1B MK 15 Phalanx CIWS, four .50-cal machine gun, SM-1MR standard anti-ship/air missiles, an OTO Melara Mk 75 Mod 262 caliber naval gun, two MK 38 cannons, two Mk 32 triple-tube torpedoes launchers, and held two Sea Hawk LAMPS III. Decommissioned in 2015, she dropped her anchor for the last time in her homeport of Mayport, FL.

Minted in antique bronze, and highlighted by bold enamel, this challenge coin honors the crew of the USS Simpson (FFG-56). The obverse features the ship slicing through the sea, and flying boldly above the deck are her service dates and motto in English, “ATTACK with VIGOR”. The reverse displays the ship’s seal, including her motto in Rodger Simpson’s ancestral language, French.”