USS Ross DDG-71 Challenge Coin

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Declare your pride for a ship that knows fortune favors valor. This challenge coin honors the brave crew of the USS Ross (DDG-71) – together in arms, striking against enemies to perpetuate peace.

Captain Donald K. Ross gives his name to this Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer. As a valiant Navy officer, Ross earned the first Medal of Honor issued during WWII for his courage and dedication during battle. After serving 27 consecutive years aboard various ships and grabbing the rank of Captain, Ross retired in 1951.

Since the ship’s commissioning in 1997, the USS Ross (DDG-71) has carried on Captain Ross’ allegiance and fight. The ship set off on her first mission in 1997 — Operation Allied Forces — launching an undying dedication to safeguard America. In 2001, the crew and ship captured the Arizona Memorial Trophy for being the most combat-ready ship after moving out to defend the eastern seaboard with just three hours’ notice immediately following the 9/11 terror attacks.

When not devastating freedom’s enemies, she and the crew train to sustain their readiness to strike anytime and anywhere. As one of four forward-deployed Navy ships with the U.S. 6th Fleet in Rota, Spain, the ship and crew work with allied forces to enforce international maritime security and promote peace on the European front.

Minted in antique bronze and highlighted in bold enamel, this challenge coin honors all who have served aboard the USS Ross (DDG-71). The obverse features the ship slicing through the sea, overlaying a brightly enameled representation of Spain. The ship’s name and status, “ROTA FDNF,” (Forward Deployed Naval Force) complete the coin’s composition. The reverse features the ship’s seal and motto, “FORTUNE FAVORS VALOR.”