USS Robert E. Peary FF-1073 Challenge Coin

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Prepare. Armed. Able. This is how the USS Robert E. Peary (FF-1073) and her crew served their country for two decades. Proclaim your pride for the ship that safeguarded the seas with this stunning challenge coin dedicated to the ship and her crew.

The USS Peary takes her name from a daring, life-long explorer. Robert E. Peary stamped a footprint in history to become the first man to traverse land and ice to reach the North Pole. After her commissioning in 1973, the ship and her crew continued to perpetuate his personal credo “I shall find a way or make one.”

The USS Peary embarked on her maiden voyage to combat enemies as a destroyer escort (DE), but the Navy re-classified her as a Knox-class frigate (FF) two years later. Though the ship’s role changed, its crew’s dedication to preserve liberty never faltered. The ship and her crew safely chaperoned vessels on ocean voyages, eternally ready to strike in the face of threat. When she last stalked the seas, the Peary hauled anti-aircraft, anti-submarine, and anti-ship weaponry to defend her consorts. The USS Peary (FF-1073) fully retired her services to the U.S. Navy in 1992.

In her wake she left two Battle “E” awards for combat readiness, and another two Humanitarian Service Medals for rescuing Vietnamese refugees on separate occasions.

Minted in antique bronze and highlighted by bold hand-applied enamel, this challenge coin honors all the crew of the USS Peary (FF-1073).The obverse features a detailed profile of the ship encircled by the ship’s motto and name. The reverse depicts her seal in bold red, white, and blue enamel.