USS Gonzalez DDG-66 Coin Challenge Coin

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Celebrating the brave and fearless sailors who have served aboard the destroyer USS Gonzalez (DDG-66), this challenge coin is a must-have for any family or loved one of a crew member.

Since the ship’s commissioning in 1996, crew members have been honored to fight for freedom on a ship named after the courageous and valiant Marine, Freddy Gonzalez. The sergeant risked his life more than once to aid his fellow Marines and forged on under intense enemy fire to bar his platoon from falling. But once again the enemy closed in on Sgt. Gonzalez’s company, this time inflicting a mortal wound to Gonzalez.

Now the USS Gonzalez (DDG-66) and crew uphold that gallantry in every mission and action. They have demonstrated their fierce loyalty to country and command by thwarting pirates in the Indian Ocean, in combat patrols in the English Channel, and NATO task groups in the Mediterranean.

To devastate the enemy, the warship hosts vertical launch systems and harpoon missile launchers, along with two triple torpedo tubes and close-range weapons. She also supports one Sea Hawk helicopter.

Minted in antique bronze, this challenge coin honors the courageous crew of the USS Gonzalez (DDG-66). The obverse features the USS Gonzalez slicing through the sea along with a representation of the Medal of Honor and a Vietnam War Ribbon, like those Freddy Gonzalez received posthumously. The reverse displays the ship’s crest in boldly-colored enamel.