USS Ford (FFG-54) Challenge Coin

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Dedicated to the guided missile frigate USS Ford (FFG-54) for her 28 years of steadfast service, this stunning coin is as solid and supreme as those who served aboard. Put this memento in your pocket as a tribute to her years upon the sea.

Commissioned in 1985, she proudly bore the name of the courageous Vietnam War Gunner’s Mate, Patrick O. Ford. While under Viet Cong attack in the My Tho River, Ford tenaciously returned fire, though gravely wounded. He then heaved his remaining shipmates into the safety of the water before himself, saving their lives, but sacrificing his own.

During time at sea, The USS Ford (FFG-54) and her crew clenched victory over enemies with the same bravery and tenacity as did Patrick. The ship protected her fleet, hunting and destroying threats above and below the sea. The brave sailors of the Ford imposed their might in missions such as Operation Enduring Freedom and the Global War on Terror. Throughout the seas they have thwarted piracy, terrorism, and other acts against law and liberty.

At the decommissioning ceremony, former commanding officer Capt. David Matawitz, reflected, "The Ford is us. We have made her more than a ship. Part of her is always alive in our hearts." Aboard this mighty weapon of war, boys became men, men became tenacious…and the ship became part of the men forever.

Minted in the U.S.A. in raised antique bronze and highlighted with a hand-applied enamel finish, this challenge coin honors all the crews aboard the USS Ford (FFG-54) spanning her 28 years of service. In striking detail, the obverse depicts the ship cutting through the sea, accompanied by the ship’s commissioning and decommissioning dates. The reverse features the USS Ford’s seal and motto, “Tenacious,” highlighted by bold blue enamel.