USS DeWert (FFG-45) Challenge Coin

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This challenge coin immortalizes the crew of the USS DeWert (FFG-45) and their quest for freedom during 30 years of intrepid service. All who served aboard can carry a memory of the days they walked upon her deck with this stunning coin in their pocket.

The ship honors fearless Naval Hospital Corps School graduate and Medal of Honor recipient, Robert DeWert. During the Korean War, his company pushed through an area thick with Communist armed forces. Amidst the advancement, DeWert swiftly rushed to the aid of three wounded soldiers, taking two wounds himself. He drove on to yet another injured Marine when a barrage of enemy fire proved fatal for DeWert.

Commissioned in 1983, the guided-missile frigate last sailed armed for battle with a Vulcan Phalanx CIWS, four .50 cal machine guns, SM-1MR standard anti-ship/air missiles, an OTO Melara Mk 75 62-caliber naval gun, and two Mk 32 triple-tube  torpedo launchers. Before her decommissioning in 2014, the USS DeWert’s anti-piracy and narcotics missions directed her across the globe to waters such as the Indian Ocean, Caribbean Sea, the north Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern seas.

Minted in antique bronze, and highlighted by bold enamel, this challenge coin honors the crew of the USS DeWert (FFG-45). The obverse features the ship slicing through the sea with Old Glory waving beyond her over the horizon. A banner overlaying the flag proclaims the crew’s motto, “DARING, DAUNTLESS, DEFIANT,” in remembrance of her heroic namesake. The reverse displays the ship’s seal in brilliant blue and red enamel, along with her service dates.