USS America (LHA-6) Challenge Coin

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“Prepared in war or in peace,” the crew of the USS America (LHA-6) swiftly strikes against enemies in times of conflict and promptly delivers aid in the aftermath of crisis or disaster. This challenge coin, dedicated to the amphibious assault ship USS America, is as bold and exceptional as the crew member who carries it.

As part of the Navy’s – and the world’s largest - amphibious force, the USS America valiantly sweeps into combat armed with mid-range surface-to-air missiles to defend from a distance, and close-in weaponry to devastate short-range threats. The amphibious assault ship chaperones Marines and their amphibious vehicles into battle, expeditiously putting them to shore with precision to thwart our enemies. The USS America (LHA-6) also supports six attack aircraft, twelve transports, and eleven helicopters. Aircraft dispatch is not only vital to combat missions, but also to the ship’s humanitarian efforts, such as evacuation and transport of supplies to regions devastated by disaster.

Minted in the USA from special deep-relief coining dies, struck from copper nickel, and hand-finished with an antique patina for exceptional quality and detail, this challenge coin pays tribute to the USS America (LHA-6) and her intrepid crew . The obverse displays an impressively detailed depiction of the ship slicing through the sea, spotlighted by Lady Liberty, and Old Glory over the horizon. The reverse bears the USS America’s official seal, with the details highlighted by a halo of blue.