USCG Station Philadelphia Challenge Coin

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Located on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, Coast Guard Station Philadelphia is a level one unit protecting the tier one port of Philadelphia and other critical infrastructure in the area. In addition to protecting the Delaware River, they protect several tributaries, including the Schuylkill River and a portion of Delaware Bay. They also proudly offer search and rescue support to the surrounding area.

Operating at the highest Port Waterways Coastal Security level and serving at Bravo Zero status with two boat crews at the ready 24/7, Station Philadelphia has distinguished itself through constant vigilance. Awarded the Sumner I. Kimball Award in August 2010 and July 2012, the station is a shining example of preparedness, and the focus needed to always be at the ready to protect Philadelphia’s waterways.

This challenge coin is a carefully crafted homage to the great men and women of USCG Station Philadelphia. Struck in a nickel alloy and gently brushed with an antique finish, the obverse of this coin displays the iconic Ben Franklin Bridge in the background with a response boat in the foreground, both resting above the advanced Boat Force Operations insignia, commemorating the dedication this station has to its community and ever readiness for the job at hand. The gold compass rose, the signifier of advanced ranking in boat operations, is selectively enhanced gold enamel, bringing a quiet elegance to this already distinguished coin. Displayed on the reverse is the official Coast Guard seal imbued with full-\color enamel finishing and accompanied by the Coast Guard motto ‘Semper Paratus’ or ‘Always Prepared’, completing this challenge coin’s proud and distinct look.