USAF Alien Technology Exploitation Office Challenge Coin

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Rumored to have been created after the famous Roswell Incident – which is still officially classified as a crashed weather balloon – the Alien Technology Exploitation Office is allegedly tasked with better understanding alien technology for applications to our nation’s defense. The captured aliens, depicted on the obverse, are not prisoners but vital intelligence assets for our nation’s security. 


The reverse features the “official” patch of Area 51, a “5 1” star pattern, proudly worn in secret by all personnel that call this their base of operations.  The base and attached facilities are believed by some to house the latest black ops and covert technology the United States Military has to offer, providing a testing ground for everything from next generation stealth technology to the latest in robotic warfare. 

This stone-polished coin has a cloisonné enamel and covert-black nickel finish. This coin celebrates America’s proud clandestine operations heritage and the courageous men and women who make these ULTRA TOP SECRET projects possible.