US Naval Academy Annapolis Challenge Coin

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The Naval Academy was founded in 1845 by the Secretary of the Navy, George Bancroft, in what is now historic Annapolis, MD. The history of the Academy has often reflected the history of the United States itself. As the U.S. Navy has moved from a fleet of sail and steam-powered ships to a high tech fleet of nuclear-powered submarines and surface ships as well as supersonic aircraft, the Academy has changed also. The Naval Academy gives young men and women the up-to-date academic and professional training needed to be effective naval and marine officers in their assignments after graduation.

Every day, as the undergraduate college of the naval service, the United States Naval Academy strives to accomplish its mission to develop midshipmen “morally, mentally, and physically.”

This coin honors the students, graduates, and staff of the Naval Academy, and commemorates the institution and all it represents. Pressed in a proprietary brass alloy, the coin is minted in a speciallized process called splash minting. Starting with thicker blanks, a splash minted coin is heavier in the hand and has much higher relief and corresponding extra crisp and realistic detail for the eye. The obverse features the emblem of the Acadamy while the sylized hatch cover on the reverse is available for engraving a personal message.