U.S. Marine Corps Retired Challenge Coin

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This coin salutes the retired members of the Marine Corps. Minted in solid bronze and given an antique finish, the obverse carries the seal of the Marines and the reverse carries the bulldog mascot. A baked enamel finish provides colorful highlights, distinction, and durability.

Vigilant defenders of America's freedom, the retired men and women of the U.S. Marine Corps are genuine American heroes. Exhibiting the highest levels of courage, honor, and commitment in the discharge of their duties, they willingly braved the unknown to confront difficult and dangerous challenges, decisively defeating America's enemies throughout the world. Members of a proud tradition that reaches back to the founding of this great nation, those who have retired from the U.S. Marines join a distinguished class of warriors. Contributing to the strength of the world's most powerful maritime force, they leave a lasting legacy of service and achievement.

This coin is dedicated to all retired Marine personnel, whose noble sacrifice has strengthened America's security. The obverse features a rendering of the American flag front and center with "Retired" boldly imprinted above. The reverse bears a heraldic eagle with the national shield superimposed. Rays of light streak out from above the eagle's head, signifying the Marine Corps' role in defending freedom and restoring justice throughout the world.

This challenge coin, now fully minted in the U.S.A., is packaged with a detailed header card that describes the strong conviction and dedication to duty shown by retired members of the U.S. Marine Corps.