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OSI The BMT - Medic Trauma Bag - OPSGEAR - 1


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OSI The BMT - Medic Trauma Bag

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The hardest thing to deal with is the unknown; but any medic worth their salt will tell you that the unknown is one of the few constants in the hostile environment. Our new comprehensive medic kit, the BMT, is not only equipped to immediately deal with any of the traumatic injuries most commonly encountered in the hostile environment, but it’s also the only trauma kit on the market today to incorporate the incredibly lightweight and innovative LIFT poleless litter from Matbock. The BMT also incorporates the Modular Care System (MCS), OSI’s injury based organization system. Equip your team with the BMT to make sure they can stare down the unknown... and make it blink.

The BMT includes:

(1) Combat Trauma Medical Bag, made in the USA, featuring: Padded shoulder straps, removable airway panel, (4) removable zippered inner pouches, (2 each) external 500ml and 1000ml IV bag pockets, and removable fastex buckle connections for vehicle mount.

  • (1) Luminous “MED” Patch 
  • (4) T2 Triage Tag 
  • (2) Pair Large Nitrile Gloves 
  • (1) OSI PPE Module
  • (2) Snaplight Light Sticks Green 
  • (2) Snaplight light Sticks Red 
  • (1) Sharps Shuttle
  • (1) LIFT Litter (Add Matbock’s “Combat Carbon Poles” to make a poled LIFT litter with the BMT-CASEVAC.)
  • (1) 7.5” Trauma Shears
  • (1) OD Space Blanket
  • (2) CAT Tourniquets
  • (4) Primed Gauze
  • (2) 4” Israeli Dressings 
  • (2) 6“ Israeli Dressings 
  • (1) Blast Bandage 
  • (2) 14g x 3.25“ Decompression Needles
  • (2) 10g x 3.25” Decompression Needles
  • (2) Halo Chest Seal 
  • (1) HyFin Vent Seal
  • (1) Pocket BVM
  • (1) Airway Module
  • (1) Emergency Surgical Cric Kit 
  • (2) Saline Lock Kits
  • (1) Large Burn Module
  • (2) SAM Splint
  • (2) Triangular Bandages 
  • (4) 4 x 4’s
  • (2) 4” Cohesive Wrap 
  • (1) 2” Tape 
  • (2) 5 x 9’s 
  • (2) 8 x 10’s  
  • (2) 3” Roller Gauze
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    • New Zealand 

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