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Sniper Bot / Small Steel Gun Target - 10"x12"x16"

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The All-new, cutting edge Sniper Bot from Jumping Targets.  Patent Pending Torsion Glide Technology has helped create the first and only mechanically powered self-resetting silhouette target in the shooting industry.

Long lasting, heavy-duty, industrial strength hinges and springs ensure longevity and precision performance with every shot.  After each strike in the hit zone the SniperBot rotates 90 degrees to reveal a new target, allowing you to register the hit for scoring in competition or to have more fun practicing at the range.

 Caliber Distance Reaction
.22 25+Yds Audible
.9mm 25+yds Audible
.45 25+Yds Audible
.223 50+Yds Rotate
.308 50+Yds Rotate