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SilverTowne Liberty Eagle Round - 1oz Pure Silver

SilverTowne is one of Americas leading private mint facilities. The Indiana-based company started as a small coin shop in 1949. Since 1973, the mint has been producing its own silver bullion products that meet the highest standards in silver refining and production. Many SilverTowne products feature historic US coin designs or unique imagery chosen by the mint. Now, 1 oz SilverTowne Liberty Eagle Silver Rounds are available to you for purchase online from JM Bullion.

Round Highlights:

  • Distinctive Liberty Eagle design created by SilverTowne!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Liberty Eagle appears on the obverse of the round.
  • Blank reverse face.
  • IRA-eligible silver rounds!

There is no symbol more important to the history of the United States of America than the bald eagle. Long before Lady Liberty stood in New York City's harbor to welcome immigrants arriving via boat, the American bald eagle was chosen as the official symbol of the country by the Founding Fathers.

Bald eagles are noted for their majesty, longevity, and power. These were all characteristics the Founding Fathers saw, and hoped would continue, in the newly-formed United States. In fact, the bald eagle is central to the official seal of the United States of America and appeared on the nations first official coins starting in 1792.

The obverse of these 1 oz SilverTowne Liberty Eagle Silver Rounds includes an American bald eagle in center of the design field. The bird is featured in flight with its wings spread wide as its talons are stretched out beneath its frame. The word Liberty is engraved below the eagle and surrounding the bird are 13 stars at the end of rays of light. The stars represent the original 13 colonies that fought for independence from the control of Great Britain during the Revolutionary War.

On the reverse of the 1 oz SilverTowne Liberty Eagle Silver Round there is a blank field with a matte finish. The rounds are available from SilverTowne for custom designing, but when sold by authorized dealers are offered blank.

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