1 oz Silver Bullet (.45 Caliber)- .999 Pure Silver

Bullet Highlights:

  • Bullet arrives inside of protective ziplock bags!
  • 1 oz Silver Bullets reflect the appearance of 45-caliber rounds!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999* pure silver.

Silver bullets are not designed for use with actual firearms, despite the fact that each one accurately reflects the appearance of a 45-caliber round. Nevertheless, these 1 oz Silver Bullets are the ideal piece to add to your portfolio or to display in your home office.

1 oz Silver Bullets have the same shape and size of 45-caliber bullet rounds. The 45-caliber bullet remains an extremely popular round with US Military personnel and law enforcement in the United States. The round is particularly noted for its stopping power and was the standard issue in the M1911 45-Caliber handgun given to US Military personnel from World War I through the Vietnam War.

Folklore from around the world tells of the mythical power of a silver bullet. It is believed that the best way to kill a werewolf is to shoot them with a silver bullet, while other tales say the silver bullet is capable of stopping witches, vampires, and other monsters dead in their tracks. These silver bullets are designed to stop inflation in its tracks when it tries to wipe out your wealth.

These 1 oz Silver Bullets have a refined finish with smooth surfaces and no additional design elements. On the base of the silver bullets near what would be the primer, you'll find inscriptions of the weight, purity, and metal content.

US Shipping only!  We will not ship silver out of the country!


* .999 silver is referred to as "three nines fine".  It is 99.9% pure, and is the most common maximum purity level bullion sold at the major silver foundries.   In contrast, silver coins are typically between 80% and 90% pure, and the silver used in jewelry is often 92.5% pure and is referred to as "925 silver".  

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