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Silver Bullet (20 mm)- 25 Troy Oz .999 Pure Silver

Pure Silver Replica of a 20mm Cannon (Bullet)

Our 25 oz mint silver bullets (25 troy ounces of silver) are beautifully made from .999 silver right here in the USA. These silver bullets from can't actually be fired from a gun, but they can kill horrifying threats to your wealth and financial security; inflation, turmoil and the developing global debt crisis.


  • 25 oz of .999 fine silver.
  • Modeled after the massive 20mm round (20mm bullet).

20mm has often been considered the cut-off between weapons classified as a machine gun and those classified as a cannon. This caliber has been used by militaries around the world against large, and often armored, targets - tanks, buildings and aircraft. The silver bullets 20mm is .787 inches in diameter (20mm bullet).

Rounds of this size were first used during World War I. They were widely employed during the Second World War, primarily in anti-aircraft defenses. Since the 1950s usage has declined. Many of the roles for 20mm (20mm bullet) have been taken either by larger caliber rounds, or by guided missiles in the case of anti-aircraft. However, some fighter jets are still equipped with 20mm cannons, as are some helicopters and warships.

Expect each pure silver bullet to ship with minor blemishes, including scratch marks, die polishing, dings, and general wear. These minor aesthetic flaws do not affect the silver content or value – it is simply the result of the manufacturing process. Additionally, the boxes are often not in perfect condition and likely will show some signs of wear. Please be advised - but again this does not affect any of the value of the product.

US Shipping only!  We will not ship silver out of the country!


* .999 silver is referred to as "three nines fine".  It is 99.9% pure, and is the most common maximum purity level bullion sold at the major silver foundries.   In contrast, silver coins are typically between 80% and 90% pure, and the silver used in jewelry is often 92.5% pure and is referred to as "925 silver".  

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