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Safariland Model 77 Double Handgun Magazine Pouch Double/Single

Comfortably carry your spare magazines all day with the Safariland Model 77 Double Handgun Magazine Pouch. This magazine pouch comes with a span between each pouch as well as a low cut feature that allows for quick and easy drawing. It comes with a vertical and horizontal belt slots. This makes possible either a regular or low profile position. Since it's from Safariland, you know it's built to last you years of hard service.

Specifications and Features:
Tension screw allows adjustment of magazine retention
Fits 2.25" belt
Snap closure
STX tactical finish

AMT Hardballer
Beretta 92 DM, 92 FM, 92F CM
Colt Combat Elite, Commander, Delta Elite, Delta Gold Cup, Gold Cup Nat'l Match, Government 1911, Officer's .45 ACP
Heckler & Koch P7, P7M8
Kimber KIP45CUS
Sig Sauer P220
Smith & Wesson 39, 3904, 3906, 4013, 4053, 439, 639, 909, CS9