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President Trump - .999 Pure Silver 1 Oz Round

 The Donald Trump Silver Round

These privately minted 1 oz Silver Donald Trump Rounds (Trump silver coin) are .999* pure silver bullion and commemorate the 45th President of the United States. 

Regardless of your ideological persuasion or opinions of our 45th president, this silver round depicting the inauguration of this political outsider will give these rounds some real historical significance. 

At the end of the day, regardless of Trump’s approval rating, his controversial personality still warrants a lot of attention, meaning any type of memorabilia involving the 45th president should be easy to trade.

The obverse features the profile of President Donald Trump. The inscriptions read, "Donald J Trump" and "45th President." The White House is pictured on the reverse, along with inscriptions, "The White House" and "1 Troy Oz .999 Ag." 

"Ag" is the symbol for "Silver" on the periodic table of elements. "Ag" takes less space than spelling out "Silver", which is why a lot of silver bullion will imprint "Ag" instead of "Silver". 

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* .999 silver is referred to as "three nines fine".  It is 99.9% pure, and is the most common maximum purity level bullion sold at the major silver foundries.   In contrast, silver coins are typically between 80% and 90% pure, and the silver used in jewelry is often 92.5% pure and is referred to as "925 silver".  

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