Political Flip Coin

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Driven by a desire to capture every conceivable vote, Democrats and Republicans often blur the lines between the two parties, making it difficult to distinguish one from the other.

Committed to their civic responsibility, but bewildered by the lack of a clear choice, voters have long looked for a tool to aid them in their Election Day duty. When the spin speeds up and the rhetoric starts to thicken, the flip of a coin is sometimes the only alternative to indecision.

Honoring the American spirit of fair competition, this coin lets voters leave their choice to chance. With a single flip, Americans can now cast their vote with ease, saving precious time at the ballot box. If the coin should somehow land on its edge, voters are encouraged to choose their favorite third party candidate.

Featured on the coin's right side is the Republican elephant. The left side is dominated by the Democratic donkey. Minted in a brass alloy, this colorful coin features patriotic enamel accents on both sides.

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