PerSys S.O.S. (Secure Occlusive Seal) Cheat Seal

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The PerSys S.O.S.™ (Secure Occlusive Seal) is an advanced occlusive dressing developed for the treatment of open chest wounds and for the prevention of tension pneumothorax.

The PerSys S.O.S.™ utilizes an ultra-strong, medical-grade hydrogel adhesive which clings to skin despite blood, sweat, hair, sand, or water. The dressing’s four vent design allows for one-way airflow out of the chest cavity during exhalation, while preventing airflow into the chest cavity during inhalation. The vents provide unobstructed function, despite exposure to blood and environmental debris. 

Small in size, secure in strength.

At 4" by 6", the S.O.S. debuted as one of the smallest chest seals on the market, but makes no compromise in adhesive strength or effectiveness.

Prevent Tension Pneumothorax with the S.O.S.

Up your odds of preventing Tension Pneumothorax. The PerSys S.O.S™ has best-in-class 4 (four) vents designed to resist obstruction in any situation. Unlike more complicated "valve systems" that are prone to clogging, the rugged simplicity of the S.O.S. stands up to water, sand, mud, debris, and bodily fluids.