Peace Through Superior Firepower Challenge Coin

Peace has its place, but when the chips are down, lining up the crosshairs on a target will convert enemies into pacifists more quickly than you can say “Flower Power.”

In your mind, staying locked and loaded is the only true way to give peace a chance.

Debating the value of violence only seems fine and dandy to those who don’t have to face lethal fire for a living. This coin recognizes that nothing wins an argument more efficiently than the promise of overwhelming firepower.

This coin pledges its allegiance to the value of keeping your clip full. Minted in brass alloy, the obverse shows the peace symbol made by four bullets and encircled by a ring of .45 and 9mm rounds. The reverse displays the words “Peace through superior firepower” as a bold reminder of the peace-bringing power of high-caliber persuasion.

  • 1 3/4 inch (44mm) Round