OSI The "Slide-Away" IFAK

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Keeping your armor slim means easier access to your weapon and tools when you need them. Don't let your vest turn into jingle jangle Christmas tree of pouches!  The Slide-Away IFAK (we couldn't come up with a better name) mounts to the front of your armor low like a kangaroo's pouch and allows you to maintain a slim profile while still maintaining access to life saving med supplies should the time come.

An easy pull strap allows for quick removal from the hook and loop fastening and the lay-flat organizer provides quick, simple access to the contents. Designed by current and former first responders, TEMS medics, and trauma care instructors, the Low Profile Trauma Kit by OSI combines several of the TCCC/LEFR-TCC compliant components necessary to treat some of the most common causes of life threatening traumatic injury experienced by todays officers and warfighters.  

The Slide-Away IFAK is available in Black or OD Green and Includes:

  • (1) Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)
  • (1) 4" Israeli Dressing
  • (1) Roll PriMed Compressed Gauze
  • (1) 28f Nasal Airway (NPA) with Surgilube
  • (1) Pair Large Nitrile Gloves