OSI Low Profile Trauma Kit with QuickClot

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Never be without your aid kit again!

After months of careful evaluation of the needs of patrol officers and the offerings currently available in the market place, OSI feels comfortable releasing what we think is one of the most comprehensive and effective low profile trauma kits available today.  Designed by current and former first responders, TEMS medics, and trauma care instructors, the Low Profile Trauma Kit by OSI combines several of the TCCC/LEFR-TCC compliant components necessary to treat some of the most common causes of life threatening traumatic injury experienced by todays officers and warfighters.  All in a lightweight, low profile package. 


  • (1) SWAT-T Tourniquet
  • (1) Thin-H Trauma Dressing
  • (1) SOF-MIST Patient Information Tag
  • (1) Pair Large Nitrile Gloves
  • (1) QuikClot Combat Gauze Z-Fold

Also available in the LPTK Package:

- (1) 28fr Nasopharyngeal Airway W/ Surgical Lubricant*

- (1) HALO Chest Seal*

Note: The Low Profile Trauma Kit is similar to the Basic Patrol Aid Kit, but replaces the PriMed Gauze with QuikClot brand Hemostatic Gauze

*- Note: These items will add to the depth of the LPTK and may make it less concealable when worn as designed.