Blue Nose Challenge Coin

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For centuries, sailors have honored the achievement of crossing over the Arctic Circle as a rite of passage worthy of recognition.

Those who have crossed the Arctic Circle before - official members of the Order of the Bluenose - welcome their inexperienced shipmates into the Court of Queen Aurora Borealis through a special initiation ritual. The colorful shipboard ceremony includes treatment to the Royal Bath, a haircut by King Neptune, and other such dubious honors. When all is said and done, each sailor who endures can proudly proclaim his hard-won status as a true and trusty brine-encrusted Bluenose.

This coin pays tribute to a highly celebrated maritime tradition and salutes all those who have ventured into the frozen north to earn their Bluenose credentials. The obverse features a rendering of a nautical map of the Arctic Circle. The reverse confirms the recipient's status as a lifelong member of the order of the frozen, brine-encrusted bluenose.

Minted in a brass alloy and brushed with an antique bronze finish, this coin is struck using special splash dies for exceptionally deep relief. Each coin comes packaged with a header card that honors the achievement of crossing the Arctic Circle.

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