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U.S. Air Force Space/Missile Coin

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The highly skilled technicians who serve the Air Force Space Command are tasked with the mission of collecting, analyzing, and communicating strategic information used to strengthen America's global defense network.

The new Space Missile Badge, which features the globe and wings insignia of the Air Force Space Command, is proudly worn by those who play an active role in expanding the frontiers of America's military technology. Created in 2004, it replaces the currents space and missile function badge and signals the unity of mission and technical capabilities shared by all those who serve the Air Force Space Command.

This coin salutes the highly trained men and women who utilize the world's most advanced technology to protect America's sovereignty and enhance our national security. Struck in a nickel alloy and imbued with enamel on both sides, this coin features a replica of the new Space Missile Badge design on the obverse and the Air Force emblem on the reverse.