U.S. Central Command Coin

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Established in 1983, the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) has provided the U.S. Military with rapid mobilization capabilities throughout the Middle East and Africa for more than two decades.

As one of the five geographically-defined unified combatant commands of the U.S. armed forces, USCENTCOM is responsible for planning and conducting military operations to meet America's strategic and national security objectives within its area of responsibility, comprised of 27 nations and territories. Operating inside one of the world's most volatile regions, the skilled leaders and highly adaptable fighting forces of this renowned command have been at the forefront of the global war on terrorism, playing a crucial role in strengthening America's capacity to take decisive action against all enemies of freedom.

This coin pays tribute to all the brave men and women who serve the U.S. Central Command for their outstanding dedication and devotion to duty. The obverse features an American Bald Eagle soaring high above the earth and clutching the official shield of the U.S. Military's unified combatant commands. The image depicted in the background is an outline of USCENTCOM's vast area of responsibility. The reverse bears the seals of the five branches of the U.S. Military. Struck in a brass alloy and given an antique bronze finish, this coin is imbued with brightly colored enamel on both sides.