U.S. Army Sergeant Major Engravable Rank Coin

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Renowned for their razor sharp skills and outstanding leadership ability, those who earn the rank of Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army play a crucial role in the execution of the Army's global defense mission. 

Selected from an elite field of Army personnel, they demonstrate the highest levels of technical proficiency and overall effectiveness. Proven performers who place a premium on results, they exhibit unfailing confidence and remarkable resourcefulness in the discharge of their duties, inspiring every soldier in their command to achieve absolute excellence in all that they do. As experienced and committed leaders, they are invaluable asset to America's Army. 

This coin pays tribute to the proven dedication and courageous commitment of all those who have risen to the rank of Sergeant Major in the world's most powerful military force.

Minted in bold green and gold enamel on the coin's obverse is the Army Sergeant Major rank insignia. The reverse bears the U.S. Army's official seal.

Struck in a brass alloy, this coin's rich antique bronze finish is accented by colorful enamel highlights throughout. Each coin comes packaged with a detailed header card that describes the contributions of Sergeants Major to the successful completion of the Army's global mission.