National Military Command Center Coin

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The National Military Command Center (NMCC), located in the Pentagon's Joint Staff area, operates as the focal point of America's crisis management network. 

Supported by the United States Air Force, the NMCC is operated by approximately 300 of the nation's most skilled and experienced analysts. These dedicated individuals ensure that America's crisis response mechanisms are fully functional at all times. In the event of a national emergency, NMCC staff members are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and communicating vital security information to key military and civilian decision makers. Providing the nation with the capacity for highly centralized crisis management, NMCC is vital to America's defense. 

This coin honors the superior skill and laser-like focus of the members of the National Military Command Center. The obverse contains the NMCC emblem, displayed in striking red and blue enamel. The reverse bears the seal of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

Minted in a brass alloy and finished in antique bronze, this coin is imbued with enamel accents on both sides. Each coin comes packaged with a header card that describes the National Military Command Center's role in America's defense.