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U.S. Air Force Technical Sergeant Staff Sergeant - Two Rank Sergeant Coin

Recognized by their superiors for their boundless courage, loyal service, and proven skill, those elevated to the rank of a Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Air Force join a proud class of committed leaders.

Exhibiting fierce pride in their achievements and an unyielding determination to carry out the mission of the Air Force, Non-Commissioned Officers execute their assigned duties with trademark zeal. Serving as models of efficiency and resourcefulness, they contribute immeasurably to the success of America's military operations. Possessing an instinct for action and a penchant for bold leadership, they inspire all those in their command to reach their highest potential.

This coin salutes the outstanding achievements of all Non-Commissioned Officers, whose loyal and dedicated service advances the cause of the U.S. Air Force throughout the world.