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U.S. Air Force Three Rank Officer Coin

As emerging leaders, Company Grade Officers provide critical support in sustaining America's air superiority.

Comprising the foundation of the Air Force leadership structure, Company Grade Officers skillfully execute a complete range of fundamental tasks in support of America's global military strategy. Carrying out orders with trademark efficiency, they help to ensure the swift and successful completion of each and every mission. Renowned for their adaptability and their practical, hands-on approach, Company Grade Officers possess a proven track record for getting the job done and remain vital to the effective operation of the U.S. Air Force.

This coin recognizes the dedication and commitment of all Company Grade Officers, whose loyal service supports the mission of the world's most powerful aviation force. The obverse contains the specialty insignia for the Air Force Comany Grade Officer rank. The reverse bears the U.S. Air Force seal.

Minted in a copper nickel alloy, this coin contains an antique finish, accented on both sides by distinctive enamel highlights. Each coin comes packaged with a header card that describes the unique contributions of those who serve the Air Force as Company Grade Officers.