U.S. Air Force - Pacific Command Coin

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Safeguarding America's interests in the Pacific and the Far East for more than fifty years, Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) serves as a vital element in the nation's air defense.

Pacific Air Forces is strategically headquartered at Hawaii's Hickam Air Force Base and functions as the air component of the U.S. Pacific Command. One of only two Air Force Commands located outside of the continental United States, PACAF actively patrols an area that encompasses more than 100 million square miles, extending from the west coast of the United States to the east coast of Africa, and from the Artic to the Antarctic. Comprised of approximately 45,000 military and civilian personnel and more than 300 combat and support aircraft, PACAF plans, coordinates, and conducts America's air operations in the Pacific and Far East.

This coin salutes the dedicated members of the Pacific Air Forces, whose skillful and courageous service enhances the global reach of America's military power. The obverse features the official Pacific Air Forces insignia. The reverse contains the emblem of the U.S. Air Force.

Minted in a brass alloy, this coin is imbued on both sides with rich enamel accents. Each coin comes packaged with a detailed header card that describes the unique mission of the Pacific Air Forces.