Dentac, Fort Hood, TX Challenge Coin

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This special coin commemorates the Fort Hood US Army Dental Activity (DENTAC) as one of the two largest dental activities in the United States Army. The Fort Hood DENTAC has six clinics supporting the needs of America’s finest soldiers, providing the best comprehensive dental care available. Incoming soldiers, those leaving for deployment, and those returning from deployment are all processed through these fine facilities.

The US Army Dental Activity was organized in April 1957 with command and control under the Medical Department Activity, Fort Hood, Texas. The US Army Dental Activity, Fort Hood became a separate command in March, 1978. Until October 1, 2010, the Fort Hood DENTAC Headquarters also served as the Headquarters of the Great Plains Regional Dental Command, which exercised command and control over the DENTACs at Forts Carson, Riley, Sill, Leonard Wood, Leavenworth, Sam Houston, Huachuca, Polk and Bliss.

The DENTAC Fort Hood coin is a handsome coin, highlighted in rich enamels. The obverse features the insignia distinctive to DENTAC Fort Hood, and finished in its colors. The reverse has a smooth area designed for engraving. Above that area is an American Bale Eagle, with the banner “United States Army.”