Fort Hood, TX 41st Fires Brigade Challenge Coin

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The Fort Hood 41st Fires Brigade challenge coin commemorates the exceptional field artillery expertise and battlefield honors bestowed on these courageous warriors who have engaged and defeated the enemy with fearless determination since their formation almost a century ago.

Starting as a static coastal artillery in Virginia during WWII, the 41st was transferred to the Pacific Theater in 1921 where it was re-constituted as the Hawaiian Railway Battalion: hence its famous nickname “Railgunners.” The Brigade served with distinction in the Pacific Theater during WWI, then in Vietnam, and was most recently deployed to provide battlefield firepower in Iraq, there establishing a trademark of excellence in battle.

The 41st Fires Brigade “Railgunners” coin boldly displays the 41st Fires Brigade shoulder sleeve insignia, a bright red cannon on a yellow background, reminiscent of their namesake cannon. The matching red enamel border reads “41st Fires Brigade—Railgunners.” This bold challenge coin is minted in bronze, with an engravable reverse, suitable for name, dates of service, or a special message. The surround designates qualities of US Army soldiers: “Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Courage, Integrity, Honor, Service.”