USMAPS Fort Monmouth NJ Challenge Coin

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Only a carefully selected group of soldiers and civilians gains access to the “avenue of opportunity,” providing the academic, leadership, and physical skills that will prepare them for success as cadets at the United States Military Academy, West Point. The US Military Academy Preparation School (USMAPS), located at Fort Monmouth, NJ, prepares cadet candidates for West Point with a foundation that will last them beyond admission to the Academy and well into the future as leaders of character for the nation.

Candidates do not apply, but are selected by the United States Military Academy Admission’s Office, and are high school graduates or enlisted personnel from the Active, Reserve, or National Guard force. The importance of the Prep School as a stepping-stone to West Point is evident. For the last 60 years, West Point Prep graduates have comprised 11% of the Corps of Cadets, yet have held 25% of the senior leadership positions of the Corps.

This handsome challenge coin salutes the few who are chosen, and who accept the responsibility of tough physical development, demanding academic studies, and exhaustive military training. The coin is minted in bronze with a shiny finish, suitable for engraving a name, dates of attendance, or a special message. The obverse features the Academy crest highlighted with rich enamels in the Academy colors of black, gray and gold. It has the notation “Desire, Faith, Effort, Est. 1947.” The reverse has a Bald Eagle over the banner “United States Army,” and is designed for engraving a name or personal message.