Drill Sergeant Challenge Coin

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Only the best Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) in the United States Army are selected for Drill Sergeant duty. To qualify, the officer must graduate from Drill Sergeant School, where they are expected to adhere to the highest military and achievement standards. Upon graduation, Drill Sergeants do one thing, and do it well: they conduct “Boot Camp.” Every nine weeks they turn out a new class of Army warriors.

Their training is an intensive “Boot Camp” all over again: drill and ceremony, basic rifle marksmanship, obstacle/confidence courses, field training exercises, and training management and leadership. Upon graduation, Drill Sergeants are assigned a normal tour of duty of two years. They lead by example. They are tough, and mold Army warriors with an effectiveness unmatched in the service. In turn, their leadership qualities propel them forward in the ranks; many of the US Army’s most senior Non-Commissioned Officers were Drill Sergeants earlier in their careers.

The US Army Drill Sergeant challenge coin recreates the military badge that is worn with such pride. The coin is minted from a durable brass alloy and finished in rich enamels. The torch in the center symbolizes liberty. Thirteen stars represent the original colonies. The snake is derived from the original “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. The breastplate is a symbol of strength. The reverse of the coin is a representation of the Great Seal. This US Army Drill Sergeant challenge coin is bold and handsome. Carry it with pride.