Fort Rucker Army Aviation Challenge Coin

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Though located in Alabama, the Army aviators who have passed through its gates and flown above its barracks have proven that they are “above the rest.” If you are one of the many who have earned their wings, supported Army aviators, or know one, this Fort Rucker Army Aviation challenge coin will be the ideal gift or service memento.

As home to the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence, Fort Rucker is the primary flight training base for Army aviation. Since 1973, all Army Aviation training has been undertaken at Fort Rucker. US Air Force and allied helicopter pilots train at Fort Rucker as well. Fort Rucker was activated May 1, 1942 as Camp Rucker, changed to Fort Rucker in October 1955.

Operational units on the post include the 1st Aviation Brigade and the 110th Aviation Brigade handling Army Aviation training, and the USAF 23rd Flying Training Squadron for the training of Air Force helicopter pilots. The 14th Aviation Regiment conducts graduate level training using the AH-64D Apache Longbow and OH-58D Kiowa helicopters. The 212th Aviation Regiment conducts combat and night operational training, using the OH-58 Kiowa, the UH-1 Huey, and the UH-60 helicopters. The 223rd Aviation Regiment conducts flight training using the CH-47 Chinook helicopter and C-12 Huron aircraft. It is common knowledge in an Army Aviation career that “Everyone returns to Mother Rucker,” because of the frequency of pilot training and re-education.

The Fort Rucker challenge coin salutes all of the air warriors who have trained there, as well as the fort that has maintained Army aviation excellence for almost 40 years. The face of the Fort Rucker coin is a fitting representation of the Army wing-and-propeller insignia, and is richly enameled in blue, gray, gold, and silver. The reverse is engravable – to suitably record dates of service or the name of a recipient – and depicts Aviator, Senior Aviator, and Master Aviator wings.