U.S. Army JAG Corps Challenge Coin

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General George Washington founded the US Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps on July 29, 1775. This US Army JAG Corps coin commemorates the Corps as the oldest of the Judge Advocate communities in the United States armed forces, as well as the oldest law firm in the United States.

The Judge Advocate General Corps of the US Army is composed of Army officers who are also lawyers, and who provide legal services to the Army at all levels of command. Staff Judge Advocates advise commanders on the full range of legal matters encountered in Government legal practice, and provide advice on courts-martial as required by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. In addition, they provide legal assistance to soldiers. Judge Advocates are deployed throughout the United States and around the world.

The obverse of the US Army JAG Corps coin is a true representation of the insignia. The branch insignia consists of a gold pen crossed above a gold sword, superimposed over a laurel wreath. The pen signifies the recording of testimony, the sword represents the JAG military character, and the wreath indicates honor. The regimental distinctive insignia contains the branch insignia on a shield of dark blue, bordered in silver, the regimental colors. The “1775” on the ribbon below the shield refers to the year of the Corps’ establishment.