Ft. Lee Quartermaster Corps Challenge Coin

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The setting was the Old State House in Philadelphia, later known as Independence Hall. The time was June 16, 1775. George Washington, “rising in his place,” accepted the commission of his fellow members to become Commander of the Continental Army. Among other actions taken that same day, Congress approved the appointment of a “Quarter-Master-General.” With that brief act the United States Army Quartermaster Corps was born.

This handsome Fort Lee 235th United States Army Quartermaster Corps coin commemorates the selfless and courageous service of the US Army’s oldest logistic branch. From that fateful day in Philadelphia, “Quartermaster Warriors” have served in every war and in every major campaign throughout our nation’s history. The Quartermaster Corps is America’s “Secret Weapon” that keeps soldiers supplied with food, water, clothing, fuel, shelter and other things they cannot survive combat without. Additionally, the Quartermaster Corps assists with humanitarian aid and disaster relief whenever and wherever required.

The Quartermaster Corps coin is finished in rich enamels. The obverse features the Quartermaster Corps emblem with the banner “Supporting Victory.” The mission statement lettering is on the circumference: “Quartermaster Corps—Supporting America’s Finest Since 1775.” The reverse is the Great Seal with “United States Army.”