Ft. Hood III Corps Challenge Coin

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The US Army Fort Hood challenge coin salutes III Corps as “America’s Hammer.” The nucleus of the United States Army ground fighting force is III Corps, Fort Hood. As the Nation’s Counteroffensive Force—as if forged in steel—the III Corps trains, mobilizes, deploys, and fights with the fearless determination that has defeated the most ruthless regimes, under the most grueling battle conditions. Everything that III Corps does points to one end: to fight and win.

III Corps has unique challenges. Its headquarters is at Fort Hood, Texas; its aviation brigade is in Korea; and its corps artillery is at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Distances between key elements intensify the need for rigorous training when the entire force is together. III Corps capability and readiness has guaranteed that it receives highest priority for modernization and equipment. It is the first fighting force of its size to be equipped with a complete suite of interoperable, automated Command, Control, Communications, Computer, and Intelligence systems.

The US Army Fort Hood III Corps coin represents “America’s Hammer” well. The obverse is the III Corps insignia surrounded by “America’s Hammer, Fort Hood, TX.” The tri-star emblem is highlighted in rich blue enamel. The reverse of the handsome coin is the Great Seal, surrounded by “United States Army” and eight stars.