Ground-Based Midcourse Defense, Fort Greely, AK Challenge Coin

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The Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) System is the first and only operationally deployed missile defense system to defend the United States against inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) attacks. The system provides early detection and tracking during the boost phase, mid-course target discrimination, and interception and destruction of the inbound long-range missiles.

Previously known as National Missile Defense, the name was changed in 2002 to differentiate it from other missile defense programs such as space-based or sea-based programs. The Interceptor site at Fort Greely, Alaska, is vital because of its strategic global location. Operational control and execution is provided by the US Army, with support functions provided by the US Air Force.

This unique GMD coin is attractively finished in rich enamels. The obverse features the head of a vigilant American Bald Eagle appropriately atop a world globe. The circumference reads “Ground-based Midcourse Defense” and “Fort Greely, AK.” The reverse is the Great Seal with “United States Army.”