Sergeants Major Academy Challenge Coin

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The US Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA) at Fort Bliss, Texas, is the US Army’s elite center for Advanced Noncommissioned Officer course training. Attendees are by definition ‘seasoned warriors’ whose service has spanned many years in many theaters of conflict, often in direct combat with the enemy. These courageous warriors have run, driven, flown and jumped directly into enemy fire where they fought and were victorious, leading their troops by personal courage and honor. The US Army Sergeants Major Academy challenge coin salutes this Academy and the exceptional soldiers chosen to attend. Be proud to carry this unique coin.

The Academy courses further hone the skills already possessed by these diligent and brave soldiers: leadership, professional skills, management and military studies. Among courses conducted at the Academy are: Warrior Leader Course, Army First Sergeant Course, and Sergeant Major and Command Sergeant Major courses.

The US Army Sergeants Major Academy coin is befitting of the Academy. It is handsome and bold, minted of brass alloys to give a bronze-like finish. Six rich lacquer colors enhance this coin. The obverse shows the Academy shield on a field of recessed gold, the circumference reading Sergeants Major Academy, USASMA. The reverse is engravable, for a name, dates of service, or special message. Protecting the engraving is the American Bald Eagle, surrounded by the well-known and cherished aspects of Army character: Duty, Respect, Loyalty, Courage, Service, Honor, and Integrity.