C4 Camp Bullis, TX Challenge Coin

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The Camp Bullis, Texas, Combat Casualty Care Course delivers what its name implies: it prepares medical officers for direct medical support of tactical units under combat conditions. The Combat Casualty Care Course challenge coin salutes all elite medical Officers who have graduated from this tough school, many of whom have used this critical knowledge to save or assist fellow-combatants in tactical and combat environments. Carry this coin with pride.

The Combat Casualty Care Course begins with professional programs at Fort Sam Houston, then moves to five-day intensive field training at Camp Bullis. The training received at Camp Bullis is the most vital form of support for field survivability of US Army combatants. Completion of the Combat Casualty Care Course is considered a ‘badge of honor.’

This handsome challenge medal is engravable on the reverse for a name, dates of service, or a special message. The circumference defines the Army mission: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service, Honor, Integrity, and Courage. The front is a bold rendering of the US Army medical crest, and titled Combat Casualty Care Course, Camp Bullis, Texas. The Combat Casualty Care Course coin is crafted of a special brass alloy, its bright finish featuring recessed, raised, and matte-finished areas.