Ordnance Corps Aberdeen Proving Ground Challenge Coin

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Prior to forming the Continental Army on June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress appointed a committee to study methods of ammunition procurement and storage and to appoint a “Commissary-General” of the Artillery Stores. Subsequently, in 1776 the Board of War and Ordnance was created for issuing supplies to troops in the field. This special Ordnance Corps challenge coin commemorates that beginning and the sterling performance of the Corps through every conflict from then until now.

The contemporary mission of the United States Army Ordnance Corps is all-encompassing: to support the development, production, acquisition and sustainment of weapons systems and munitions; to provide explosive ordnance disposal; and during peace and war to provide superior combat power to current and future forces of the United States Army.

The United States Army Ordnance Corps coin displays the bold regimental insignia, two crossed antique cannons on a white disc behind an encircling scroll in the form of a buckle red belt which bears the inscription “ORDNANCE CORPS U.S.A.” in gold letters. Between the intersecting cannons and the belt is a black antique bomb, its scarlet flames issuing from the top. The reverse of the coin is also highlighted in rich enamels, featuring the Great Seal, and the circumference wording “UNITED STATES ARMY.”