Basic Combat Training Brigade, Fort Benning, GA Challenge Coin

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The US Army Basic Combat Training Brigade at Fort Benning, Georgia, is the face of the US Army to all new Army inductees. The Brigade conducts basic combat and common military training with such intensity and professionalism that in nine short weeks graduates are ready to advance out of “Boot Camp”, and to make a positive contribution to Army combat readiness. The Combat Training Brigade challenge coin salutes the toughness of the Brigade in preparing new soldiers for warrior service.

The discipline of the Basic Combat Training Brigade personnel is legendary. They push inductees to the limit in physical training, and in developing combat skills of rifle marksmanship, hand grenade qualification, and field environment training. Boot Camp soldiers progress through the “Patriot” and “Gunfighter” phases, finishing at the “Warrior” phase, overcoming obstacles they never thought possible.

The front is the Great Seal with the surround of Basic Combat Training Brigade, Fort Benning, GA. The reverse of this rugged challenge coin features the “Follow Me” sword shield over two crossed Infantry muskets, with an engravable face for names or dates. The coin is struck from a brass alloy, with a brushed antique finish, augmented with rich enamels.