Rednose Challenge Coin

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All sailors who distinguish themselves by crossing into the Antarctic Circle are honored with initiation into the chilly fraternity that is the Order of the Rednose.

A time-honored maritime custom, the Order of the Rednose is dedicated to shipmates who cross the coordinates 66º 33’S, thus traveling into the Antarctic Circle for the first time. The Order of the Rednose is, literally, the polar opposite of the Order of the Bluenose which is meant for those crossing into the Arctic Circle.

Once in the royal domain of the Emperor Penguin, current members of the order initiate new members with a lively ceremony known to include such events as an interrogation by King Neptune and his court, kissing of the Royal Baby Belly and other tasks of questionable nature. Once through the gauntlet, each sailor can proudly trumpet his new distinction as a member of the most frozen Rednose.

This coin celebrates all those who have been knighted by the court of Australis Rex. The obverse depicts a majestic Emperor Penguin standing between the coordinates of the Antarctic Circle. The reverse confirms the new member’s status as a most worthy member of the order of the most frozen Rednose, and has an area suited for engraving the new member's name.

Minted in a brass alloy and brushed with an antique bronze finish, this coin is struck using special splash dies for exceptionally deep relief.