Special Warfare Boat Operator Challenge Coin

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Special warfare boat operators are the navy’s premiere force for operating state-of-the-art boats on combat missions in shallow-water environments. These elite boat warriors operate in a range of clandestine, infiltration and special-ops missions and provide essential support to the Navy’s missions around the globe.

Among their primary duties, these fearless pilots skillfully maneuver go-fast boats through narrow river inlets and on the open ocean. The dedication and skill of these operators allow them to pursue a range of operations including unconventional warfare, reconnaissance, and personnel recovery missions. Their grueling training regimen, exposing them to severe physical and mental tests, is recognized as one of the toughest in the armed services.

Living life in and on the water and operating in the most severe conditions, special warfare boat operators are rugged examples of the dedication and skill at the heart of the world’s most powerful naval force.

Minted on the obverse against a blue enameled backdrop is the specialty insignia of the U.S. Navy Special Warfare Boat Operator. The engravable reverse contains a stylized anchor design, which incorporates a full color rendering of the U.S. Navy's official seal. Struck in a copper nickel alloy, this coin contains an antique finish.