Vietnam Veteran Challenge Coin - 3 Inch

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This engravable Vietnam Veteran medallion is the perfect choice to commemorate valor, salute a brother-in-arms, or simply give as a tangible symbol of affiliation with those who served their country during the Vietnam War. An enduring tribute minted in timeless metal, this stunning, three-inch medallion honors the courage and dedication of the veterans who committed themselves to shielding the citizens of South Vietnam from the brutal aggression of the North Vietnamese communist forces.

This high-quality commemorative matches a memorable image of the Vietnam landscape with a special area for engraving -- ideal for inscribing dates of service, sending a meaningful note to someone you served with, or adding any personal message that holds special significance. The engravable reverse has space for three lines and up to 38 characters of text for any unique message you choose.

The obverse of this large medallion features a deep-relief rendering of the Vietnam Veterans Statue, located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Struck in brass and brushed with an antique bronze finish, this coin's deep-relief design is achieved through the use of special "splash" dies, which allow certain elements to protrude from the coin's surface.

The large size of this eye-catching medallion ensures that it will have a special place on a mantelpiece, collector’s corner or any other place of honor. Each coin comes packaged in a special cherry wood felt-lined display box. Close it up for storage, slide it out and tip up for display (shown).